• Philae Lander

Wasted words?

Recent newspapers and media reports are full of man’s amazing achievement of landing a probe on a lump of rock and ice hurtling through space at 35,000mph. The European Space Agency have successfully landed […]

  • Manned mission to Mars

Men on Mars?

More missions have been attempted to Mars than to any other place in the Solar System except the Moon, and about half of the attempts have failed. When it is closest to Earth, Mars […]

  • world-political-map-2000px

A united kingdom

For over 100 years the world has been changing fast. Long gone is the time when much of the world’s map was coloured red, showing the vast extent of the British empire. In its […]


A Christian Life

  • Camel

Easier for a camel?

There are probably still a lot of people that could complete that quotation, even though they never usually open […]

  • Assisted dying

“My body belongs to me!”

Years ago, when many basic laws of Western nations were largely ‘Christian’ in nature, suicide was regarded as little […]

  • crucifixion

Being a true Christian

“Are you a true Christian? If your answer is yes, come along with us since we are burning all […]

  • Positive Faith

Time travelling

Life is often called a journey. It’s our walk, of course. But a train journey is a good comparison, […]

Intelligent Design

  • Animals changed

True or false?

Recently the Guardian reported an experiment done on some baby rats. Some were stroked by their mothers in the […]

  • monkey-tablet

Monkey business!!

You’ve heard the story, I am sure. If you have a lot of monkeys typing away on lots of […]

  • polar bear

Never need to diet!!

According to a recent report in the journal Cell, polar bears may hold the answer to the human obesity […]

  • Recycling Plant

It’s not all rubbish!

When you stop to think about it, each of us is just like this new high-tech recycling centre!

For example, […]

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  • biblereading

Guide to Bible reading

- understanding the Bible’s teaching
This booklet contains the following sections:

There are some people who […]

  • booklet Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

- understanding the Bible’s teaching
This booklet contains the following sections:

Evidence for his existence
Where did […]

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  • 500 watt electric lamp

Bible Study Course

This course is delivered as 12 Lessons.

The complete course can also be downloaded and […]

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A people who would not die
Originally produced as a multi-projector audio-visual programme, Survivors remains […]

Dream of Empires

A truly remarkable dream
The builder of Babylon, King Nebuchadnazzar II (605-562 B.C.), had a […]

How to become a true Christian

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