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The items are designed to help anyone wanting to understand the Bible and to become a Christian, not to replace the Bible itself as the only Christian ‘textbook’.

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  • Good News for the World

Great News for the World

World news is usually bad news nowadays. But unlike today’s newspapers, Great News for the World makes exciting and reassuring reading.

Gently but surely its scientist author, Alan Hayward, leads his readers towards a satisfying […]

  • Light on a New World v28.2

Light on a New World

Volume 28 No.2
Editorial: 50 years ago in Israel || What did Jesus mean – “Great is your reward in heaven” ? || Are you in the right church? || The Bible stands the ‘Test of Time’ || Archaeology: […]

  • Light 28.1 cover

Light on a New World

Volume 28 No.1
The Test of Time: City of David || God’s interactive plan || Our faith is Unshaken || Comment: “We are all Jews here” || What did Jesus mean? “He who has seen […]

  • FRONT COVER Smaller

Light on a New World

Volume 27 No.4
Central theme of the Bible || God’s Kingdom that existed on earth in the past || The future worldwide restoration of God’s Kingdom || The coming time of great change for the […]

  • Light on a New World 27.3

Light on a New World

Volume 27 No.3
Reflections on the Olympics || What did Jesus mean? – “Your kingdom come” || What does Jesus’ resurrection mean to you? || From our mailbag – Not being reunited with those who […]

  • Light front cover

Light on a New World

Volume 27 No.2
What did Jesus mean? – “I and my Father are one” || The development of the first century church (Part 19) – Letters to the Seven Churches || Evidence for Creation – […]

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  • Chromosomes hold the key to life!

Information Enigma

Information drives the functioning and development of life. But what is the source of that information? Could it have been produced by an unguided Darwinian process? Or did it require intelligent design?
The Information Enigma […]

  • Archaeology1

Why I believe the Bible

Historical Accuracy
History teacher John Botten explains how the Bible not only records ancient history but also predicted the rise and fall of Alexander the Great.

How we got our Bible

The Word of God for us today!
A brief description of the history of the Bible. Despite the gap in time since the first manuscripts of the Bible were written, there are many reasons to trust […]

Peace on earth?

How it will happen
For as long as man has been at war, others have been trying to find peace. But will we ever see peace on the earth, and who will bring it about?

Why I believe the Bible

The Manuscripts
Dr Martyn Lawrence explores the reliability and number of the original manuscripts of the Bible in comparison to other sources of historical events.

Why I believe the Bible

Dr Leen Ritmeyer explores how modern day archaeological discoveries verify the Biblical account of historic events.

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  • 500 watt electric lamp

Bible Study Course

This course is delivered as 12 Lessons.

The complete course can also be downloaded and read at your own pace.

Each Lesson ends with a simple Test.  You can check your own answers against those that […]

  • Love books love reading

Bible Reading for Beginners

This Self-Teach Course comes in the form of a book.  It was originally produced and used in 2004 to support a public course about the Bible.

Each chapter in the book takes your through some […]

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  • Trinity cover

The Trinity: true or false?

It is admitted on all sides that the doctrine of the Trinity is the result of developments that took place mainly in the first three centuries after Christ.

Have these developments obscured the biblical teaching […]

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