Trusting something – like a blind person with a new guide dog – usually only happens after a while. It takes time to discover that there are good reasons for placing our trust in something new. We don’t always assume something is trustworthy until we have given it time to prove it can be trusted.

Although we might have a Bible on the shelf, we need to be sure it’s not just another book. We need to find out what it contains and why it’s different. Like a new guide dog, we need to know it’s background and why it can be trusted.

And like a new guide dog, we need to spend time with the Bible to discover more about it: what it can and can’t do, how it helps us deal with problems, and whether it always shows us the right way to go.

Try closing your eyes and walking round. It’s difficult and dangerous, and it does not get any easier or safer if we do so again with an untrained dog to guide us! We need to know our ‘guide’ is totally reliable, like the Bible.

So, learning to trust the Bible begins with discovering things about what it contains and how those things have been proved to be true. This online book is a very good place to start:

Seven Reasons to Believe the Bible

– An online book about seven reasons to believe the Bible. There has never been a better time than now to prove that there is undeniable evidence that the Bible is God’s word.

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